Nail Enhancements
  • Solar Pink & White Full Set $45
     (Add $5 more for different color tip)
  • Solar fill (Pink & White) $30
  • Solar fill (Pink) $20
  • Acrylic Color Powder Set $35 
     (on whole nail)
  • Acrylic Color Powder Fill $25 
     (only same color fill)
  • Acrylic Full Set (with polish) $30
  • Acrylic fill $20
  • White Tip Full Set $35

Soak off acrylic for new set $5
Soak off acrylic only $10
Gel Topcoat (acrylic only) $3
Nail repair $3 & up
Cut down $3
Polish change hands $8
Polish change feet $10
French/American design $5
Nail design $5 & up

The next generation in nail enhancement technology. 
  • Light weight 
  • Strong and durable 
  • Non-toxic and odor free
  • Non porous
  • No primer
  • Not as harsh on nails as acrylics
  • Able to add extensions on nail
Lightly drill on nail bed to remove shine. Then apply a thick resin to the nail bed and  dip finger in the powder color of your choice. Then we smooth out any bumps before applying the final coat. 
Nexgen enhancements are removed and reapplied for each visit. 

Nexgen color $40
Nexgen pink & white $50

Nexgen removal $10

They create lasting color and shine while strengthening your natural nails. Unlike acrylic and Nexgen, gel nail application is non acidic and odorless, the gel bonds to your natural nails without excessive buffing, therefore no damage to the natural nail. Gel colour manicures are removed and reapplied for each visit. We offer over a varieties of shades, glitters, and customized french application. The greatest thing of all is there is zero dry time. 
Gel polish with manicure $35
Gel polish only $25

French Color Gel $5 extra 

Gel removal $5